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Career Technical Education - FOUNDATIONS

John Muir Middle School offers Career and Technical Education classes for Computer Technology and Robotics classes (Information & Communication Technology Sector). The program incorporates a basic computer introductory course that will help students understand and learn the basic concepts, functions, and nomenclature of computer technology. Exposure to these areas will allow students to acquire knowledge of the History of Technology, Careers in Technology, Digital Citizenship, Basic Computer Skills, Web Design, Data Charting and intro to Cyber Security as well as an Introduction to Computer Programming. 

Computer science discovery 

John Muir Middle School also offers a computer science discovery course. The program is an introduction to computer science (CS) that guides students to explore fundamental CS concepts. Students develop their programming skills, while exploring more deeply the role of hardware platforms in computing. This course covers topics such as, problem solving, web development, gaming, animation, design, information technology, and physical computing.