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Student Integration Service Award to Muir Middle


John Muir's STeM Magnet honored as LAUSD Excelling Magnet (posted - Friday, August 8th, 2014)


The John Muir STeM Magnet School was honored as an Excelling Magnet by the LAUSD for the 2013-14. The Magnet School was one of only eight schools in the District that achieved the honor of being named an Excelling Magnet.


The basis for being named an Excelling Magnet is based on the following criteria on a scale from 0-5:

  • Achieving Proficiency on the CST in ELA, Math and Algebra 1
  • Limiting the number of students scoring BB/FBB on the CST in ELA, Math and Algebra 1
  • Reclassification Rate of English Language (EL) Learners
  • Percentage of SPED Students in General Population Classes
  • Attendance of students above 96% or higher
  • Limiting Single Student Suspension 

Of the ten criteria, the John Muir Magnet School scored 4 or 5 in nine of the criteria listed.


This honor is extremely difficult to achieve and demonstrates the strength and commitment of the John Muir Magnet Staff and students. Congratulations to all the staff from last year and we are extremely proud of the work that you do for our Magnet Program!